Hi, we are Lily and Alexis. We are excited to meet you!  Grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and get to know us a little better.

Our Story

Lily Holmes and Alexis Tibble met when Alexis’ son got an autism diagnosis, and she reached out for help.  Lily had been researching and implementing the biomedical approach with her son with success, and they began to share knowledge, support, and continued research.

We reached out to other moms, and they reached out to us.  Eventually, we realized we needed a way to be able to help more people. Together our mission is to change the standard of care for autism through educating and empowering moms (and dads too) and connecting them with the right medical professionals.

 We are excited to extend to you our research and resources, provider network relationships, and compassionate support.

We love what we do and can’t wait to welcome you into our Tribe! <3

What We Believe

Autism is something my child has, not something he is.

We firmly believe that the symptoms of autism do not define the children who are diagnosed with a spectrum disorder because we have seen our children and the children of others become happier, healthier, and more themselves as they received treatment.  If you don’t agree that’s okay, it just means we aren’t your tribe 😉

Every child deserves individualized care.

Every child should have an opportunity for their health needs to be investigated and addressed. The treatment for the symptoms of autism is as unique as your child.  Some things that resolve an issue for one child might not work at all for another. You, more than anyone else, are invested in your child’s health outcomes. The more you understand about autism the better you can advocate for care.

The current medical model isn't working.

Mainstream doctors spend the majority of medical school learning about how to treat with pharmaceuticals.  They spend very little, if any, time on nutrition and don’t typically practice an individualized model of care.  Thankfully there ARE doctors who treat the whole individual and understand how to treat autism medically.  We want to make it easier for you to connect with them.

About Lily

Lily is a certified life coach who promoted herself to stay home mom.  She has an uncanny knack for research and is an information junkie.  In her spare time (which is rare these days), she is a pretty good knitter, likes to paint, and finds sanity working in her garden.  She’s usually reading six different books, listening to podcasts, hanging out with her three boys and awesome husband, and creating content for the Tribe.  She’s a long time gamer and fangirls hard on anything Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. She sings in the car and can pick stuff up with her toes.

About Alexis

Alexis is a working mom in real estate with an eye for beautiful design.  Her favorite things are traveling with her husband, coffee and wine, documentaries and vacuuming 7 days a week.  Her talents include tying Tiffany bows and finding great bargains. She’s notorious for filling online shopping carts and never checking out.   Strangers often ask if her kids are twins because they’re so close in age.  She’s never seen any of Lily’s favorite movies and she hates bacon, but Lily likes her anyway.

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