Can I Help Cure My Child’s Speech Delay?

Can I Help Cure My Child’s Speech Delay?

Can I Help Cure My Child’s Speech Delay?

Speech delays can be one of the most difficult symptoms families struggle with. Some of our most heartbreaking moments as moms have been when our little guys were clearly hurting or upset but couldn’t tell us what was wrong. Things other parents take for granted like knowing your child’s favorite color or even get annoyed by like endless questions or something as simple as “mommy” or “I love you” are things we wish or pray for daily.


Lily’s son was non-verbal when he was diagnosed at 18 months. Even after a year of speech therapy, he had made no progress. It wasn’t until she started supporting his body systems with nutrients and making diet and environmental changes that he started speaking.

This blog is a companion to our YouTube video Autism Treatments: Can I Cure My Child’s Speech Delay. Be sure to check it out!

These are seven things that have made the biggest difference in our journey to help our children find their voices:

Methylcobalamin (MB12)

Methylcobalamin is not just a B12 supplement, it’s a methyl donor. That means it helps to “turn the wheels” in the body’s methylation cycle. For more on that check out our video. The majority of children respond well. Most notice increasing speech gains with continued supplementation. Many parents list methylb12 (methylcobalamin) as one of the heavy hitters in increasing speech and language. We strongly recommend reading the resources and writings by Dr. James Neubrander. He has several if you’re interested in reading more about this topic.


Diet Changes

There are conflicting studies on whether or not diet changes can affect autism symptoms. The ones which don’t find a correlation are typically shorter studies. Studies which show positive correlation are longer, like a year. This makes sense! Gut changes, healing, and uncovering inflammatory foods can take time, especially in our kids.

Removing dairy and gluten help many kids. Limiting or removing processed foods is a good idea for anyone seeking health. There are numerous diets available. Knowing which one to choose, where to begin or how to proceed can be overwhelming. In our experience and from our research, about 80% of kids improve with diet changes. Our first course, Heal With Food, covers this in-depth and gives our members the tools and support they need to be successful.

Home Detox

There is research to suggest that a large percentage of children on the spectrum have dysfunctional detoxification processes. When that system isn’t functioning very well it gets very easily overburdened. Removing as many environmental toxins as possible can help. We recommend the app Think Dirty. It can help parents determine which home products have the fewest toxins. When they know, they can make healthier choices. The fewer toxins a child is exposed to at home the better.

Heavy Metal Detox

Many parents see improvements when they carefully and slowly support the detoxification system. There are many suggestions out there for detox, but not all of them are safe or effective. Be sure to work with an experienced provider and do your own research before starting a detox protocol.

After doing months of research, we chose Andy Cutler’s protocol for our own kids. We talk about our experience and provide information and resources within our private community. There is also other information available online.

Feeding the Brain

As we discussed in our YouTube video, many kids have motor planning difficulties that make speech difficult. Speech production requires the brain to be able to send information to the muscles responsible for speech. This is called motor planning. One thing that supports the brain’s motor planning capabilities is healthy fats. We go into more detail about how this works in our video.

Our own kids and many others have benefited significantly from this protocol. When something works you want to share it with as many parents as possible! We strongly recommend Kelly Dorfman’s book Cure Your Child with Food for the details of her protocol. She provides a ton of other useful information for improving the health of your child.

Addressing Immune Issues

When a child’s immune system isn’t functioning properly due to leaky gut, a heavy viral load, coinfections like Lyme disease, or PANS or PANDAS the brain struggles too. The inflammation in the body can also be in the brain. Symptoms can be overwhelming. This subset of kids on the spectrum have a number of unique challenges. When immune system inflammation is treated and controlled these difficult symptoms can resolve. Alexis noticed that once she and her provider started treating her son’s PANDAS that his speech took off.

Traditional Therapies

Speech and occupational therapies, as well as behavioral therapies like Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and RDI/Floortime, can certainly help your child increase their speech capabilities. However, what we found is that our children weren’t making much progress with traditional therapies until we supported their bodies. Once we addressed the medical/nutritional issues their progress and development increased dramatically.

Starting speech therapy, and occupational therapy if indicated, as early as possible is key for kids on the spectrum. If you aren’t seeing much progress it may be because the body needs additional support. We hope this information gives you a starting point for helping them move forward!

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