Alexis Shares Her Story of Healing

Alexis Shares Her Story of Healing

Alexis Shares Her Story of Healing

When we first heard about biomedical treatments after our autism diagnosis we scoured the internet for autism recovery stories.  We had to know it was possible, that it was safe to hope.

With each story we read, that hope grew a little brighter. That’s why it is so important for us to share our stories, and as we grow, hopefully the stories of our members. Not all children recover, but almost all can experience improvements in their health and quality of life. This is our story of healing.

Diagnosis and Despair

We got the autism diagnosis for my son on May 5th, 2017. I came home from the diagnosis appointment with the psychologist and looked at the stack of paperwork they handed us.

The first thing I did was look up the subscriber benefits phone number for our insurance company so I could call to learn about coverage for the 20 hours a week of behavioral therapy we were told my son needed.

After sitting on hold for 10 minutes the rep informed me that “ABA therapy” wasn’t covered.  Great. What were we supposed to do now? Thousands of dollars a month out of pocket for therapy wasn’t in the budget. I spent the next few days angry. Mad. FURIOUS. ABA was it.  

Yeah, I could join the local autism support groups for commiseration, but that wouldn’t help my kid. Was he destined to special education and therapy for the rest of his life? Were college, marriage, and babies no longer in his future? Grief. A grief that manifested itself in me being short with my husband, angry at drivers on the road, and mad at my other children for no good reason at all.  

A Glimmer of Hope

I reached out to a former co-worker who I knew had a kiddo on the spectrum.  When I asked if they were doing ABA for their son, he said “You need to talk to my wife…she takes care of all of that.”  He connected his wife and me up via FB messenger and we began to chat.

It wasn’t until she said that opted out of ABA and were doing “biomed” for autism that I learned we had options. What the heck?!  Why didn’t the diagnosing psychologist tell me about this? I spent many hours reading the studies and watching videos of recovery that she sent. I HAD HOPE! There was ample evidence out there that kids could recover from autism. The stories of recovery were so compelling. SIGN ME UP!


Monumental Improvements

We’ve been a biomed family for about a year now. My son has made massive progress from where he was the day we got our diagnosis. This even includes a 5 month period of deep regression (I later fought hard to find out my son was battling a hidden strep infection and a virus that resulted in encephalopathy.)  

I determined that some of the foods my son was eating were causing an immune reaction that resulted in inflammation, making the symptoms of autism more prominent. Over the last year, I’ve learned so much about the systems of the body and how they’re all connected.  Through proper nutrition, treatment of viral, fungal and bacterial infections, we’ve been able to help heal my son’s body and calm his immune system.

Through proper nutrition, treatment of viral, fungal and bacterial infections, we’ve been able to help heal my son’s body and calm his immune system.

We are watching the “symptoms of autism” diminish every day. My son can now complete puzzles and is playing with toys more appropriately.  He’s engaging his family and peers in games and activities. He’s using words to ask for what he wants. His attention and focus has improved. He’s sleeping more soundly and waking up rested. Potty training is going well! Recently, his is ATEC is down to 41 from 57.  Yay!

Hope for the Future

As we continue with treatment and ABA therapy for Squishyboy, we are better able to weather the ups and downs. It’s so much easier to handle rough days when you have the data and support that let you know you’re on the right track. Behaviors and symptoms become signposts for shifts in his supplements instead of something we just had to bear or were clueless on how to handle. It’s such a relief.

I’ve got big plans for my little guy…he’s got a great life ahead of him and he’ll go on to do big things. He’s already come so far. <3

I’m incredibly glad you found us because I want to offer you this same hope for healing.

All my best,


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