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Does Your Child Struggle With These Symptoms?

Did you know that aggression and insomnia in our kids can be caused by certain gut bacteria? Or that behavioral issues can be caused by pain your child can’t express? Thankfully, these symptoms and more are treatable. You can help your child find relief.

Aggression Towards Self or Others

Many children and their families have found relief from aggression towards self and others by testing and treating biological causes and making diet changes.

Difficulties Falling to Sleep or Night Waking

If your child is waking for hours, giggling for no reason, bouncing off the walls, and nothing you try is working, we may be able to help.  It is not just “part of autism.”

Sensory Seeking or Sensory Defensiveness

There are natural ways to help calm the nervous system that, for many kids, help reduce or relieve struggles with sensory input.

Extremely Self-Limited Diet

Kids with gut imbalances and sensory issues aren’t just “picky eaters,” they are dealing with a medical problem.  You CAN help him have a healthier diet!

Chronic Digestive Issues and Stomach Pain

Constipation, diarrhea, pain, and rashes are very common in autism and thankfully, they are also treatable. Healing the body begins in the gut.

Thousands of kids have achieved healing and relief because parents just like you educated themselves and got connected to the right medical professionals and experienced parents.  

There IS HOPE!

How we can help. . .

Be Part of a Community

Join a tribe of parents just like you where you can find answers to your questions, support when you need compassion, and cheers when you have a win to share.


Connect with Professionals

We are creating a network of professionals who specialize in treating ASD.   Most importantly, we are negotiating with them to provide affordable treatment packages.

Become a Better Advocate

Autism is complex.  Increase your confidence and understand your child’s unique medical needs better. Our courses make it easier to understand and fun to learn.


Access an Online Library

We curate the best information into one easy-to-understand, searchable place to save you time. Our data is vetted by our partner professionals so you can trust it.

Follow a Roadmap

We offer step-by-step guidance based on our own experiences and research. As a result, you know what to ask your doctor and how optimize your child’s health.


Get Care Cost Assistance

We are developing a way for members to earn points just by learning, participating, and helping grow our community.  Points will be redeemable with our partner providers, labs, and more.

Struggling with difficult symptoms? We were too.

When your child is struggling with symptoms it's hard to know where to begin. You may not understand how yet, but your child has the potential to heal.

We’ve created a Free PDF Guide and Companion Nine-Day Email Mini-Course Series for you to access right away. We are excited to share stories of healing and steps you can take now to start improving your child’s health.